Personal data
Name:                   Rüdiger Hausbalk
Address:               Ferd.-Lentjes-Str. 22
                               D-39167 Hohe Börde, OT Wellen
Telephone:           Fixed network:    (+49) (0) 39206 / 51795                  
                                Mobile:                 (+49) (0) 175 / 5734514
                                Fax:                      (+49) (0) 39206 / 55483
Born:                     20 January 1949 in Hamburg
Nationality:           German
Languages:         German:                Native speaker
                               English:                 Confident negotiator
                               French:                  Good knowledge
PERSONAL PROFILE                                                                                                                                                                                       
Through many years of working in the international environment of „Purchase / Materials Management“, I have acquired first rate professional and management experience. This has enabled me to utilize my skills as an entrepreneurial thinker and initiator. Previous industries include: Machine & plant engineering; sub contracting industry; supplying automobile components; vehicle engineering; precision machining; precision mechanics; electrical engineering, measurement and control; renewable energies.
I am an experienced analyst, strategist and developmental facilitator with particular emphasis on result and cost oriented criteria. This is based on a fundamental business-economic and comprehensive technical knowledge. I have a good reputation as a professional negotiator, even under exceptionally challenging conditions. I have a profound knowledge in contract law. I have a proven track record for substantial reduction in materials and logistics. Great team leadership skills enable me to motivate performance and target oriented teams, and an approachable nature facilitates a friendly working environment.
PERSONAL OBJECTIVE:        I am seeking a new professional challenge as a  free-lance Interim Manager /
                                                    Project Manager.
Vocational career
11/06 – today      AVANCIS GmbH & Co. KG:
                                               Company under construction for the manufacture of CIS thin-layer solar modules in East Germany (=Joint Venture of Shell – Renewable Energies – and the Saint-Gobain Group)
                            Job description:  „Procurement Manager“
                            Tasks / Targets:
Adoption of purchase responsibility within the „Project Execution Teams“ for a number of complex production processes (complete system purchase, machines and equipment plus building performances) for a company under construction for the industrial manufacture of thin-layer solar modules (CIS technology).
Responsible for successful preparation, implementation and conclusion of all purchase negotiations in this field of competence. Preparation and attendance of suitable supplier strategies. Documentation and presentation of the work progress to the project team and the management. Promotion and improvement of existing processes in close cooperation with departments like „Research & Development“. Active cooperation in construction and development of suitable organizational structures so that the fixed targets may be realized within the defined framework of time and budget.
03/06 – 08/06      GROHE AG:
                               International manufacturer of water valves and fittings for private and commercial users
                               (Private Equity Firm: TPC – Texas Pacific Group)
                               Turnover:              >900 million €
                               Employees:          >5.000
                              Job description:   „Commodity Manager Corporate Procurement" (Production Material) 
                              Tasks / Results:
                              Strategic and operative management of a Commodity:
                              Development of commodity groups and supplier strategies, introduction of strategic procurement
                              concepts, active procurement market research, global project management, 
                              coordination of  activities within the global procurement organization, control and monitoring of  
                              outsourcing activities (China, Thailand, India, Eastern Europe). Strong input for the purchasing
                              section of a McKinsey study for restructuring and new orientation of the company. Induction
                              training for a permanent employee.
09/04 – 03/06    WELGER Maschinenfabrik GmbH:
                             Mechanical engineering company in Lower Saxony
                            (manufacturer of agricultural machines)
                            Turnover:            58 million €
                            Employees:        330
                            Job description:   „Project Leader for Materials Management“
                            Construction and extension of international procurement management, process optimization
                            of  material-economic flows, purchase optimization with the aim of lasting reductions in expenses
                            for materials and logistics, reductions in the fabrication depth by production outsourcing to
                            foreign (East European) countries plus cooperation in the development of a logistic concept for
                            spare part stock-keeping.
                            Introduction of a modern purchase management, reduction in the number of suppliers,
                            conclusion of a higher number of framework contracts, professional contract management, 
                            introduction of a supplier assessment system, consistent use of the existing data processing
                            system, decisive reduction in the share of material expenses in the final products by opening of 
                            new procurement markets („global sourcing“), selection, qualification and auditing (ISO 9001) of
                            suppliers both home and abroad, decisive reductions in the number of „missing parts“ such that 
                            the existing production capacity can be used to optimum, improvement of stock management,
                            preparation of useful „Make-or-Buy“ decisions, introduction of value analysis teams, measurable
                            raising of service level in spare part marketing, preparation of a practicable purchase manual,
                            introduction of target agreements for employees. – The implementation of the above-mentioned
                            activities helped to remarkably improve the competitive position of the company both on the
                            national and the international markets.
11/03 – 06/04    Medium-sized production company in the North of Saxony-Anhalt
                            (mechanical and hydraulic components)
                            Turnover:            30 million €
                            Employees:          165
                            Job description:   „Project Leader for Purchase“
                            Potential analysis for optimization of purchase work and development of a system for already
                            existing „Supply Chain Management“, construction of an international purchase system,
                            restructuring of purchase division and creation of an „operative“ and a „strategic“ purchase sector,
                            comprehensive introduction of measures aiming at cost savings.
                            Considerable improvements of the overall purchase organization and, thus, intensified use of
                            purchase advantages that helped to distinctly improve the operating results within a short period.
                            Follow-up negotiations of essential purchase contracts, training of the purchase staff members,
                            definition of target figures.
09/03 – 10/03    Corporation-bound production company in the Eastern part of Lower Saxony
                             (electro-mechanical components for conveying equipment)
                             Turnover:               50 million €
                             Employees:           250
                             Job description: „Project Management Purchase / Materials Management“
                             Weak-point analysis, preparation of restructuring suggestions for the division „Purchase / Materials
                             Management“with the target of efficiency increase.
                             Successful fulfillment of defined tasks, preparation and submission of required analysis and
                             suggestions to the managing shareholders.
01/03 – 06/03    ANATEC GmbH: Medium-sized company (measuring and control engineering / Online laser
                             measuring technology for bulk materials) in Kolkwitz (Brandenburg)
                             Turnover:            20 Million €
                             Employees:         50
                             Job description: „Management Consultant“
                             Increased competitiveness both on national and international markets, purchase optimization,
                             „Supply Chain Management“, process optimization, international contract management and
                             project implementation, marketing and sales support (export initiation), introduction and
                             assistance in restoration measures.
                             Due to satisfactory results the mandate had been prolonged twice.
1992 – 2002         FAM – Magdeburger Förderanlagen und Baumaschinen GmbH, Magdeburg (
                                (International plant construction, conveying equipment for handling of cargo and bulk materials,
                                 turnover 110 million €, 720 employees)
                                Division Manager of Materials Management / Member of the board of directors and executive
                                holding general power of attorney („Prokurist“)
                                Personal responsibility for 15 employees
                                Purchase volume: More than 50 million €
                                 -   Successful restructuring and management of a division „Purchase / Materials Management“ in
                                      a company in East German 
                                 -    Establishment and introduction of „International Strategic Purchase” (Global Sourcing)
                                 -    „Local Content“ in international projects (People’s Republic of China, People’s Republic of
                                      Vietnam, Saudi-Arabia, Czech Republic and others)
                                 -    Introduction of „Supply Chain Management“ 
                                 -    Successful and on-schedule introduction of SAP R/3 in the Purchase / Materials Management
                                      Division (Module MM)
                                 -    Negotiation and conclusion of essential supply and service contracts on national and
                                       international level (including energy requirements) and complete system purchase 
                                 -     Purchase of building services 
                                 -    Large investments, such as purchase of a complete coating equipment (lacquering plant for
                                       wet preservation of large and small parts plus semi-automatic powder coating plant)
                                  -    Supplier audits (DIN EN ISO 9001) both home and abroad
                                  -    Value analysis with suppliers, cooperation in the standardization of purchased parts and
                                       components, „Outsourcing“ decisions, responsibility of stock-keeping
1997 – 1998          Foundation of a subsidiary in the Czech Republic (FAM-CZ, Prague) for implementation of a
                                 large project in the automobile industry (SKODA) in Mlada Boleslav (Contracting partner: VW in
                                 Wolfsburg / Germany).
                                 In my capacity as executive with general power of attorney („Prokurist“) of FAM-CZ I was also
                                 responsible for high-quality and on-schedule project implementation.
                                 = Selection, auditing and supervision of all local suppliers in close cooperation with the QM
                                  engineers of VW and SKODA  
1988 – 1992          Group of firms Mittelmann Armaturen GmbH & Co. KG and Henssgen Karabinerhaken GmbH,
                                 Manufacturing companies with 4 product groups:
                                 1) Large-size valves & fittings for gas and water supply (castings of ductile cast iron GGG)
                                 2) Safety program: Personal protective equipment
                                 3) Hardware (especially snap hooks)
                                 4) Industrial engineering: Machining of castings, pressed parts and forgings for automobile and
                                     automobile sub-supplier industries plus manufacture of ready-made components (such as
                                     carburetors and injection pumps).
                                 Turnover: 85 million DM, 300 employees
                                 Manager of overall purchase
                                 Personal responsibility for 7 employees
                                 Purchase volume: 40 million DM
                                 Coordination of all purchase activities under specific consideration / supervision of efficient 
                                 ordering lots, methodic exploration of new procurement markets (mainly in China, Taiwan and
                                 Eastern Europe), restructuring and cost saving.
1983 – 1988          Valcommerce, Le Sentier (Switzerland) 
                                 Import / Export of new technical products (Personal safety equipment / Safety engineering)
                                  Managing Director
                                  Import from Far East / Export into different European countries and sale in Switzerland
1979 – 1983            Heinemann – Electric (Europe) SA, Le Lieu (Switzerland)
                                   Manufacturer of relays and microswitches for computer industry, with 200 employees
                                    „Responsable des Achats“ (Purchase Manager)
                                    Personal responsibility for 5 employees
                                    Purchase volume: 14 million SFR
                                     Responsible for overall purchase, such as:
-         Precision machining, precision mechanics and electrical engineering
-         Injection-molded plastics
-         Tools and machine tools
-         Measuring and control engineering
-         Auxiliary materials and utilities
Material provision, purchase in Europe and overseas (USA and South Africa), resolution of parts lists, deadline follow-up, customs clearance, transport organization, calculation, preparation and updating of computer data, Inventory responsibility.
1972 – 1978          Bong Mining Company, Monrovia (Liberia/West Africa)
                                 Iron ore mine with multinational workforce, 3.500 employees
                                 (Subsidiary of former Thyssen Trust)
                                 Commodity Group Leader / General Storekeeper
                                 Personal Responsibility for 10 staff members
                                 Budget responsibility: 2.4 million US-$
                                 Commodity group under responsibility:
                                 -         Spare parts for opencast mining equipment
                                 -         Fuels and lubricants
                                 -         Electric materials and tools
                                Determination of requirement, local purchase, order placement through the purchase divisions in 
                                Germany, Italy and the USA, inspection of incoming goods, storage, issue, stock taking, replacement,
                                preparation and updating of material-oriented computer data, customs clearance, procurement of import
1971 – 1972          Substitute                         Kaufhof AG, Cologn
1970 - 1971           Substitute candidate      Kaufhof AG, Cologn
1968 – 1969          Sales clerk                       Karstadt AG, Essen
Training courses / seminars
-         Business economics / Contract law
-         Purchase and materials management
-         Customs clearance and transport organization
-         VOB and VOL contract awarding law
-         Staff management and staff motivation
-         MS-Office / SAP R/3 / e-procurement
-         MOVEX (Intentia)
Other specific knowledge
and skills
-          Strong leadership
                                                               -          Team-oriented
                                                               -          Able to work under severe stress conditions
                                                               -          High rate of social competence
                                                               -          Many contacts with industry and economy in Germany and foreign
                                                               -          Excellent knowledge of Asian (e.g. China and Taiwan), East
                                                                          European and South East European procurement markets
                                                              -           Readiness to travel to international markets  
Further relevant vocational activities
Since 1990                                                     Member of the BME – Federal Association for Materials Management
                                                                          and Purchase
 Since 2005                                                    Member in the “Economy Council“ of Saxony-Anhalt
School education
1956 – 1960                     Primary school in Hamburg
1961 – 1966                     Secondary modern school in Hamburg and Bremen
                                            Final examination: „O-level“
1969 - 1970                      High School: Training academy "Kümmelbacher Hof", Heidelberg
Vocational training
1966 – 1968                     Apprenticeship as retail dealer Karstadt AG, Essen
1969 – 1970                     Substitute education                                         
Remuneration                 Day allowance (on agreement)
Availability                        On agreement

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